Lylan Masterman: NYC VC, Computer Scientist

White Star Capital

White Star Capital

My job, my profession, and one of passions. White Star Capital helps exceptional entrepreneurs build great technology companies. With a presence in Europe and North America and a truly global network, we invest in great teams and support them to scale globally. We invest in the most ambitious entrepreneurs on both sides of the Atlantic and support…


Research for Kauffman Fellows: Internet of Things (IoT) Disruption Best Practices for Executives of Leading Companies

IoT Kauffman Featured Image

Introduction In addition to my day job at White Star Capital, I am currently doing academic research for the Kauffman Venture Capital Fellows Program, a 2-year program where Fellows follow a structured curriculum with an individual development plan, executive coaching, facilitated mentoring, and peer learning and networking. Every Fellow chooses an area of research, and publishing the research is…


Internet of Things


IoT is one of my key areas of focus as an investor at White Star Capital. In particular: For the Kauffman Fellows, I am doing academic research on what large company executives are doing to preserve their market position facing current and imminent threats from IoT startups & disruptors. I’m a data geek and a…


Atlas and aQuantive… and Microsoft


~5 of the best years of my professional life (prior to White Star) were spent at Atlas aka AtlasDMT, a division of aQuantive. We were a big data and analytics company, with a particular focus on adtech. Microsoft acquired us for over $6 billion in my last year at the company before going to grad…




Gymtrack is a White Star Capital portfolio company that I work closely with. Gymtrack’s technology, sold to gyms, allows gym members to track their entire workout automatically.


mnubo smart

mnubo is a White Star Capital portfolio company that I work closely with. The company is transforming how IoT manufacturers use their data. It is at the intersection of IoT, Cloud, and Big Data.



KeyMe is a White Star Capital portfolio company that is bringing IoT to one of the oldest industries: locksmiths.  

Kauffman Fellows


I’m honored to be in class 19 of the prestigious Kauffman Fellows Program. My classmates rock! Founded in 1994, Kauffman Fellows is a Silicon Valley-based leadership program for venture capitalists and innovators of all kinds. The more than 400 graduates from this two-year apprenticeship, together known as the Kauffman Fellows Society, now lead venture capital,…



CANY Volunteer

I have volunteered 3 years in a row at the Canadian Club of New York’s annual fundraiser.  The money goes to Ice Hockey in Harlem, the annual Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research and Canada’s National Ballet School. I’ve volunteered the last 2 years as a judge for Startup Chile. I judged a startup competition at Puerto Rico’s H3 Conference, where the…


Waterloo Alumnus


My Computer Science cred comes from the University of Waterloo’s computer science program. The school has strong rankings, and LinkedIn says that the top employers hire a lot of grads. I graduated with a B.Math Honors, Major in Computer Science, Minor in Combinatorics and Optimization, with Co-op option. In just half a century, the University…


In the press and in books

TV Show

I haven’t been in the press too much, so it’s still fun for me to maintain this list.  🙂 John Livesay’s interview series VentureBeat: eBay expanding to NYC Internet Advertising during 2012 Olympics on NBC  Graduate to LinkedIn: a book on networking strategies using LinkedIn CNBC’s CrowdRules (jump to 30:15): VIP at premier episode of TV show…


Zacapa XO!


This is my guilty pleasure at the moment. So delicious. Thank you to my colleague Christian for introducing me to this delight!

Go Habs Go!


They have won 24 championships, 22 of them since 1927, when NHL teams became the only ones to compete for the Stanley Cup. On a percentage basis, as of 2014, the franchise has won 25.3% of all Stanley Cup championships contested after the Challenge Cup era, making it the second most successful professional sports team of…


Sierra Ventures

sierra ventures

These guys, and particularly Mark Fernandes, gave me my break in Venture Capital. And Vispi Daver took an active role in mentoring me. Thank you to the whole team for taking me on board.

Vitamix and Smoothies


I make smoothies almost daily. The Vitamix is an amazing machine – I put large frozen fruits in and they beautifully get pulverized! The smoothies come out with the right texture. And the machine is effectively self-cleaning. And you can even make boiling hot soups because the machine is so darn powerful!   I’m often…


Je suis francophone


While my name is very anglo, and I’ve lived in primarily-anglo cities as an adult, my first language for the first 19 years of my life was French. Je suis francophone. J’ai étudié à l’École secondaire La Citadelle, à St Jean XXIII, à l’Immaculée Conception, et à l’école Ste Croix. Ma mère est québecoise et je…




I first learned to meditate when I was around 10 years old. I’ve taken 3 classes on meditation, including autogenic training. I’ve also heard plenty of birds chirping on the Muse headband. Nowadays when I meditate, I simply use the Silva Relax iOS app. It helps keep me focused and it takes me to a…