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Mnubo – Data Insights for IoT Manufacturers

mnubo, whose name was borrowed from machine learning in Esperanto, allows the manufacturers of IoT devices to harness the power of their data. Clients use cases include: Energy, HVAC & Building Improve energy efficiency, reduce the cost of truck rolls and enhance customer comfort Smart Home Reduce customer churn, enable proactive marketing and servicing, and …

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The entrepreneur playbook for sourcing a lead investor in NYC

As a service to the NYC CEO ecosystem, I published this article in VentureBeat addressing a key issue that I hear every day from CEOs: “I have all the capital I need for this round of financing. All I need is a lead!” I keep the spreadsheet updated in this google doc: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1h9NxVgQ7MvpVp3vtXoOZ6jTzi2oUe65Sr-1tty11ink/edit#gid=1360399923

Salesfloor – Modernizing the Role of Store Associates

Salesfloor started as a novel technology solution to enable retailers and retail store associates to earn revenue through customized pages, created by associates, that in many ways simulated many in-store experiences that customers have with associates. Since its early days, Salesfloor has expanded to a full suite of products including Clienteling, POS, Analytics, Product Catalog …

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mnubo is a White Star Capital portfolio company that I work closely with. The company is transforming how IoT manufacturers use their data. It is at the intersection of IoT, Cloud, and Big Data.

Immunio – Runtime Application Self-Protection (Cybersecurity)

Immunio is a cybersecurity company that providers web publishers real time protection for their web applications. Rather than being strictly rules-based, Immunio’s product intelligently analyzed inputs and outputs and detected anomalies. I joined as Board Observer in 2015. In 2017, the company was acquired by TrendMicro to be a core part of its Cloud One …

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